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Apollo Badminton Club

Welcome to Apollo Badminton Club. The club was formed over 50 years ago by a group of friends who started playing in Brixworth Village Hall under the name of Brixworth Badmintpn Club. The club grew over the years and entered the local Northants badminton leagues. It became evident that the one court at Brixworth was not sufficient to provide quality playing time for the members and so 25 years ago the decision was made to relocate to Guilsborough School. On 1st September 2014 the club changed its name to Apollo Badminton club to reflect the fact that we no longer played in Brixworth and welcomes players from all over the county. We also moved our club venue to Moulton School and Science Colledge. The club encourages all levels of players. We welcome member involvement in both badminton and social events.

We are an equal opportunities club

Fire Alarm and Emergency Procedures : A register of players present each week is kept. Please ensure you are on the register and that it is known when you have left. The fire muster point is on the hard tennis courts at the back of the sports hall. Should the fire alarm go off please make your way immediately to the nearest fire exit. Do not leave the fire muster point until the responsible person has ensured that you have left the building and have been accounted for on the fire register. See responsibilities in event of fire for further information